Affiliate Programs Basics

Partnerships (hereinafter Reseller, Associate or Affiliate Programs) are an excellent tool for generating income from the web site, especially if the owner of a site does not have its own goods and services to sell, but wishes to sell foreign goods and services for a commission. Each site in the network, regardless of the topic and attendance and whether you sell your own products or not, can be incorporated in any affiliate program, as there are programs for each category of sites.

Affiliate programs are a form of cooperation between the site owner to sell goods and services and site-partner (the affiliate or reseller). The inclusion in an affiliate program usually takes a few minutes. It is in the relevant form to fill some data – web site address of partner name, address and email its owner, the preferred method of payment, etc., As the site owner provides the code with links, banners or forms that must simply be copied and placed in this website partner. Then the site owner begins to pay the site a partner a fixed percentage commission for each completed sale of goods or services, provided that the customer has entered the store clicking on the links or banners on the site partner. Cookie-based system monitors where visitors come from buyers in the site-owner typically provides administrative panel, where the site owner-partner can be informed of the income generated or he be notified by email for each completed sale through his website.

For example, one of the most famous sites, pioneer in offering cooperation through the affiliate program is the electronic bookstore By will pay in the form of commission 10% of the value of a purchased book if the purchaser entered into the Amazon site through your site. Since there are books on any topic, then virtually any site in the network can make a page “Recommended Reading” where the listed titles are links to pages in these books set out in the catalog on or can be converted into links set keywords from the text on the site, etc.